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Do you feel stuck in your professional journey, unable to break free?

Are you in search of a trusted guide to help navigate through challenges like building trust with your team, having difficult conversations, mapping out your future, or other crucial areas in your career?

You can emerge from these challenges stronger than ever through leadership coaching.


Imagine if you could transform your mindset while developing stronger team dynamics, confidently navigating difficult conversations, making better decisions, gaining accountability, and more.

Through coaching, we will embark on a journey filled with curiosity, in a judge-free environment. We will work together, breaking down walls of uncertainty and build bridges to more possibilities, igniting your passion for success. 


Get ready to embrace a powerful transformation that will leave you inspired and eager to achieve your greatest aspirations.

 Meet Your Coach  Akida Gray

As an Executive Coach, HR, DEI, and Leadership professional, I use my experience and skill set as a well-rounded approach to my clients. My coaching technique involves empathy and understanding; bringing humanity to the table in order to meet you where you are in your professional journey. I bring a spirit of professionalism and curiosity in order to facilitate powerful progress. Here at BridgeToMore, we are forward-focused individuals who promote a safe environment, helping others stay on task and navigate through challenges together so they can lead well. Read more about Akida's journey in the Bold Journey magazine article below. 


How I support you..

Who is this for?

  • Emerging leaders

  • Executives

  • Senior Leaders

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Transitioning or Pivoting Leaders

  • Mid-level Leaders

Coaching Benefits

  • Achieve Goals Quicker

  • Accountability

  • Gain new perspectives

  • Better Decision Making

  • Better Focus on Goals

  • Improved Leadership

  • Self Confidence

  • Feeling Heard and Appreciated

Did You Know???

Coaching Statistics

 77% of executives who worked with a coach found improvements, with overall productivity and employee satisfaction receiving the largest increase.


Kristen F.
(Senior Associate VP)

We explored strategic approaches for motivating and inspiring a high performing team. I immediately felt comfortable sharing with Akida and found him to be effective and inspiring. 

Tracy F.
(Human Resources)

Akida Gray is a motivating coach that leads with empathy and compassion. His communication and listening abilities truly make you feel heard and valued. 

Steve J.
(Senior Management Consultant)

Akida was thought provoking and enlightening. He understands the importance of relating to the coachee on their level and to approach the coaching experience with compassion, sympathy, empathy and a gentle touch.  

Kayla B.

Akida Gray displays exemplary patience and empathy for anyone he works with. He has the unique ability to hold people accountable while making a psychological safe space for them to grow and excel.  His guidance is thoughtful and action oriented leaving others with a clear path for success.

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